About us


Kohtla-Jarve Youth Center. It is created in March, 2004 on the base NGO Regional Drugs Preventive Center. (NGO Regional Drugs Preventive Center was created in 08.06.2000.) In addition to those tasks which the NGO Regional Drugs Preventive Center carried out, our Youth Center even more thoroughly is engaged in the organization of leisure of youth and actively participates in formation of a youth politics of the city of Kohtla-Jarve. Also the Youth Center deals with such problems of youth as – rendering assistance in reception of education in Estonia and abroad, rendering assistance in employment of youth, an exchange of experience with youth of other countries and regions and many other things. Our organization unites efforts of the interested private and legal persons in the sanction of a problem of using drugs, alcohol and smoking tobacco, and also distributions of the HIV-INFECTION.

At the Youth Center 3 organizations are created:

The union of psychologists and social workers
The union of parents « Harmonious family »
The youth organization « the Organization of Young Active » (OYA)

The purpose of such unions is the statement in a society of the importance of a role of family, fundamental principles of morals, formation in a society of intolerant attitude to substances causing dependence (addiction), development and maintenance of positive potential of youth.

The basic kinds of activity of our organization: - educational activity among youth and parents; - the social - psychological help to various groups of people (the youth having initial experience of using of drugs; healthy youth; parents, whose children are using drugs; group of parents " Harmonious family "; the psychological help to the sportsmen engaged in various kinds of single combats); - work with problem families and children; - rendering of the individual social - psychological help requiring people; - the organization of leisure of youth (including the organization the volunteer’s movement, summer labour camps, holidays and discos). The majority of workers of our organization have the higher education and a wide experience of work with youth. Activity of our organization under various projects was supported by many funds and organizations which are both in Estonia, and behind its limits.

It is counted as achievement:

  • Stabilizatio of young people quantity who starts using drugs. By results of 15-17 years old youth poll tried drugs once (or more) at the end of 2002 year – 46,3 %, In 2003-2004 years – 45,0%
  • Preservation of the uniform concept by all workers of the organization concerning formation of a youth policy and drug prevention work. We had been repeatedly stopped attempts of opening in territory of the Youth Center cabinets working under the program " decrease in harm » and offers to establish close cooperation with the purpose to direct people on replaceable therapy. Our steady position concerning these questions and its illumination in mass-media was one of factors of increasing population trust to us, the quantity of references to us has increased (from 342 persons in 2002 year to 523 persons – in 2003 and 518 – in 2004 year.
  • High youth estimation , especial young men, of the organization free time in Kohtla-Jarve Town especial in vacation and evening time. 74 % of interrogated young people in the age of 15-17 years for 2004 year, estimate quality of free time organization on "5" and "4" points and spend it (free time) basically, at discos, in sports clubs, computer interiors, on entertaining actions such as a KVN, playground, competitions, summer camps and so on. The basic organizers of such actions, our organization the Kohtla-Jarve Youth Center acts. Before creation of our organization the question of youth leisure was one of the most actual and painful, demanding the urgent decision.